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Colada personalitzada de llautó/bronze/coure, mecanitzat, peces de forja

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femella de llautó OEM

femella de llautó OEM

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Informació ràpida

Qili, profeessional factory of customized casting, forging and turning parts

Applicable for various fields, water heating, iron, cars, motorcycle, tractor, driving mechanism, power, decoration, home appliance, household, landscaping, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, aviatation, marine.


Material: copper, brass, bronze

Process: mold fabrication, die casting, CNC, surface treatment

Technology: Machining, Forging, Casting

Certification: ISO9001, ISO45001,ISO14001,IATF16949(undergoing)

Service: OEM/ODM, Drawing, Sample 

Annual capacity: 3000ton

Programari: Solid Works,Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF,TIF 

Lead time: approximately 30 days or less

Why Qili:

strong R&D, almost 30 years expertise

complete and advanced facilities and equipments

willingness to invest on equipments, instruments, facilities and personnel training with 30% of annual turnover

estricte control de qualitat

excellent service including after-sales

export to all over the world, mainly Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc.


Si us plau, deixa un missatge, aviat ens posarem en contacte amb tu!